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Sino-Platonic Papers

Author’s Note: This blog post was originally posted on my older, now inactive blog, Eye on East Asia. I have included some extra links in this post which were not included in the original post.

Readers who enjoy reading about East Asian languages and cultures may be interested to know that a wide range of articles on Chinese history, culture, archaeology and linguistics can be found at the Sino-Platonic Papers website.


Shang Dynasty Bronze
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sino-Platonic Papers is a series of monographs published and edited by the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations. Many of the articles have been posted on the website and are free for download in PDF format. Some of my personal favourites include :

There are also a number of articles which focus on other cultures in the region, including articles on some of China’s ethnic minorities and articles on Korean, Japanese and Central Asian history and linguistics.

The full selection of articles can be found at the Sino-Platonic Papers website. New articles are added every month so feel free to bookmark the site for future reference.

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